About Iraq Build Show

IRAQ BUILD SHOW, the one international construction show in Iraq, with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of construction and housing and also the Ministry of trade and industry, succeeds in gathering all the constituents of international and Iraqi construction companies under one roof. The distinguished event will be held from 27-30 September 2022 in Baghdad International Fairground.

Iraq makes immense efforts to increase the production and waiting for international investment. Iraq is a country where many developed countries compete with each other for the share of the projects and tenders. According to Iraq Ministry of Construction and Housing, Iraq needs foreign companies, investors for school, hospital, road, bridge, housing and infrastructure projects.

Iraq is in the process of restructuring, has high potential and having a suitable environment for foreign investors in the country. Because of the restructuring process, it is anticipated that the construction materials, construction machinery and equipment market, especially cement, will continue to be dynamic in the coming years. According to Iraq Ministry of Planning, Iraq needs $ 100 billion in restructuring. Business friendly climate, duty free access and competitive labor costs have successfully created new investments and employment opportunities.

Iraq Build event's aim at providing customers with the best services and is at customer’s disposal during all process starting from floor plan design until the end of the fair to offer meticulous and systematic service.